Grassroots pro-public-health campaigns to encourage safer COVID-cautious behaviour, especially in an era without mandatory public health measures or guidance.

This 'passion project' arose from observing inconsistent government campaigns to urge people to stay COVID-free.

With the group Take Action Against COVID, I developed this collaborative design jam event to create grassroots advocacy campaigns to urge COVID-safer behaviour among people and institutions.

Creating COVID Campaigns

COVID-concerned designers, medical personnel, researchers, and laypersons can help develop these grassroots advocacy campaigns.

Support Masking Support Masks, Instagram Story
More Masks, Less COVID (coffeeshop view)

After campaigns are collectively designed, they are distributed. We put these posters up in our neighbourhoods, but also distribute them across social media. We also make them available for free downloading from the Take Action Against COVID website.

Pandemic PSAs campaigns are expressed in a range of voices, from politically confrontational to whimsical, to appeal to different people.

My unexpected favourite ones, however, are ones that end up sidestepping the usual polarization and confrontation around COVID, to have a conversation about underlying issues of importance.

Working on this campaign has allowed Take Action Against COVID to build connections among COVID-concerned communities across the continent. We encourage people to steal our designs, and we have even customized them for use in other groups' campaigns on request.