I'm Rob Butz, a web developer + IRL activist who can help you succeed in the progressive political organizing of your dreams.

I'm here to help you strategically extend your reach and find your allies, volunteers, and co-conspirators, through website-building, content-making and marketing, and being there.

Making custom websites for progressive political organizing.

I've built complex websites for advocacy organizations that are powerful hubs of organanizing and easy to use.

I've created websites for a national organization, a provincial think tank, and community organizations—to support unions, public health, and general political organizing (among others). I use Wordpress, Nationbuilder, and other platforms.

CNYC (Core Neighbourhood Co‑op
Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op (CNYC)
Youth centre in Saskatoon's core neighbourhoods
National Farmers Union
National Farmers Union (NFU)
National organization defending small and family farms
Parkland Institute
Parkland Institute
Alberta public interest research institution
Take Action Against COVID
Take Action Against COVID
Grassroots, SK-based pro-public health activist group
Co-op Members for Fairness
Co-op Members for Fairness
Grassroots group to take back our CO-OP
The Stand Community Organizing Centre
The Stand Community Organizing Centre
Meta-grassroots support for activism in SK

About me.

I have a 4-year-old who regularly blows my mind and is currently teaching me photography and drawing. I also sometimes take drawing courses from artists at Domestika and get Spanish lessons at the same time.


Fun fact

I started seriously thinking about digital organizing when a co-worker explained the BTS ARMY (and K-Pop in general) to me.


  • I, like this nearby cat, can ride a unicycle.
  • I did most of my grade schooling in Los Angeles.
  • I envy the studio that dreamt up the name 'Red Leader' for itself, perfectly invoking design prowess, socialism, and the rebels in Star Wars.

Currently reading / listening / enjoying / plugging

No Shortcuts
Jane MacAlevey
Let the Record Show
Sarah Schulman
The Pragmatic Programmer
Thomas and Hunt
Labour Notes and organizing.work
Labour blogs
Unmaking SK and Radicle Narrative
SK-based podcasts
Coding podcast
Feminist Collages NYC
Art for abortion rights & against femicide

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